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Mutifandom Pretend Dating/Relationship fest!

So last year (ha!) hermette was talking on twitter about a pretend dating fest, which I hijacked like an appropriate metaphor. Now the holidays are over I thought this would be a good time to host it! Without further ado:

Multifandom pretend dating/relationship fest!

Use this code to pimp!

Textures came from here and here. Much thanks to the artists!

Pretend dating/marriages, a trope to really sink your teeth into - do you want to see Sherlock and Lestrade pretend to be lovers to catch a criminal? Gwen and Morgana have to pretend to be in love to put off a suitor? Something else? This is the place!

Go wild in the comments! Prompt, rec, fill, all fanworks and fandoms are welcome! I'll add a masterpost here for ease of browsing.

My Best Friend's Boyfriend by magnolia822 (Gwaine/Percival, NC-17)

Untitled by tygermine (Arthur/Merlin, NC-17)

Untitled Widowedfather!Arthur/Barista!Merlin by liviconnor (Arthur/Merlin)

Teen Wolf/1D
Plan CAWAABD (AKA Plan Catch-A-Wolf-And-A-Band-Member) by nomz_bunny (Dylan/Harry) (continued on Ao3 here

Harry Potter
The Rainbow Adoption Agency by nomz_bunny (Harry/Draco)(continued on Ao3 here

Here is a prompt form for you to use:

One prompt per comment, please, and use your judgment when it comes to content notes/spoilers/warnings etc.

Above all, have fun!
Tags: fest, pimp, pretend dating
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